How to Prevent Moving Nighmares by Hiring a Reputable Moving Company

15 January 2015
 Categories: Business, Articles

If you're planning a move, you've probably heard of a lot of horrible moving scenarios that sound like your worse nightmare. On such horror is having your items packed and delivered to your new home, just to be swindled into paying more money or risk losing all of your possessions. Unfortunately, it becomes a reality for many people who are not careful about who they hire to move their possessions. Moving should be an exciting, positive experience. Follow the tips below to ensure you hire a moving company that makes moving easier, rather than more difficult.

Be wary of a company that will not itemize their fees and give you a guaranteed estimate.

The best way to avoid being hit with extra fees is to choose a company that will either allow you to pay upfront, or will provide a guaranteed estimate so that you know exactly what you'll owe once the moving job is over. If a company refuses to give you an exact quote, or will not itemize the list of costs for you, move on to the next moving company. Don't take a verbal estimate, either—make sure it's on paper so you don't get swindled later.

Pick a moving company that someone you know has used.

Even if it's your aunt's friend's sister, knowing at least one person who has been pleased with the work of a moving company boosts your confidence that a company is reliable. You can read online reviews all day, but you can never be completely sure that they're written by real customers, and not someone who works for the company or the owner's daughter. Yes, positive online reviews are a good sign that a company is reliable, but if you can find a real person to vouch for a company, that looks much, much better.

Ask if the company offers "white glove" delivery.

This is a service that is becoming more popular among the best moving companies, and if a moving company you are considering hiring offers it, you can likely count on them offering excellent service. Basically, white glove service means that the movers will not only unload the items into your new home, but will also remove them from the boxes so that you can inspect them and make sure they are all in good shape.

Generally, you won't be expected to pay until you've inspected your items. White glove delivery not only ensures that you're covered if the moving company does damage your items, but it also decreases the likelihood that your items will be damaged, since the movers are aware that such damage will not go unnoticed.

Hire a company that responds quickly and politely to your requests.

If you have an emergency on moving day and need to change your plans, or if something happens to one of your items and need to request reimbursement, you want to make sure you can easily contact your moving company—not call and leave a message, and get a call back a week later. When you're calling different moving companies for estimates, pay attention to who responds to your requests the most promptly and politely, and place these companies at the top of your list.

When you allow other people else to move your items, you need to be able to trust those people. There are many moving companies out there who swindle their customers, offer sub-par service, and are only interested in making a quick buck. However, there are also some excellent moving companies that will make the experience painless, and possibly even enjoyable. Follow the tips above, and remember to listen to your gut, and you'll likely hire a great moving service.