Helpful Tips For Moving During Winter

26 January 2015
 Categories: Business, Articles

Moving during the winter months presents special obstacles that can easily be overcome with a little bit of foresight and planning. Some of the things to consider when you are moving during the winter months are weather conditions and daylight hours. In order to have a smooth transition there are some things you should keep in mind.    

Clear Snow and Ice from the Driveway and Sidewalks

For safety reasons, clear the driveway and walkway of any ice and snow. A big bag of salt will be useful to avoid slips and falls. Sprinkle the salt along the pathway from the front door to the moving truck. Don't pack your snow removal shovels and equipment in order to have tools available to shovel the path. This goes for both the old and the new home. You don't want to arrive with a truck full of items only to spend the next several hours clearing a path to your front door.  

Cover Carpets and Entryway with Cardboard or Cloth

The moisture from ice and snow, as well as the salt, sand and dirt that is brought in with the snow, is hard on floors and carpets. Prepare your floors by laying down large sheets of cloth, or create a cardboard path. This will go a long way in saving you from a major cleaning bill once you've moved.  

Keep Up-To-Date on the Latest Weather Forecast

Once you've rented the moving truck, the last thing that you want to have happen is to find out a big storm is headed your way. Check the weather forecast and make certain the roads are passable from your old home to your new one. Since the days are shorter in the winter months, start the moving as early in the day as possible. Having things packed and ready to go the day before will allow the move to be made in daylight hours.  

Keep Warm With Liquids and Clothing

Make sure you have left out your winter clothes when you packed. This includes hats, gloves and a warm coat. Wear clothing that will keep you warm while you are outside. Have your boots available in case you will be walking through wet, snowy and icy areas. Have blankets and comforters easily accessible, just in case the heat isn't working yet at your new home.

Serving up liquids will keep your moving crew going strong. Although you might think that hot drinks would be great for warming up your moving crew, studies show that hot drinks might actually lower body temperature. Cold water and light snacks, however, will give your movers the fuel they need to stay comfortable and energized.   

Make Sure The Heat is on in Your New Place

Be proactive in having the heat and the water turned on in your new home by the time you move in. You will want to contact the utilities several days in advance to be certain that the water has been turned on and that heat is available. It will be more bearable to spend your first evening surrounded by boxes in a nice toasty home, rather than surrounded by your belongings and trying to warm up.  

Keep Your Pets Safe

Leaving your pets with friends or family while you pack and move is an ideal solution. With people going in and out of the house, and the doors being open without supervision, it may frighten your pet and they may take that opportunity to go on a road trip of their own. Sending your pet to somewhere comfortable will take a big burden off of your mind.

Since moving in the winter months involves added foresight it is important to plan for winter conditions as well as the common problems that arise with every other kind of move. Movers may charge more to move during cold, stormy months, so be sure to request free moving and storage quotes in order to avoid sticker shock. Keeping weather issues and daylight limitations in mind will go a long way to making your move smooth and trouble free.