Optimize Your Dental Website's Marketing Power With These 5 Features

19 February 2015
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Building a web presence on the Internet is essential whether you want to reach a global audience or catch the attention of your local community. A dental website gives you the opportunity to build your brand and can serve as a communication tool between you and both current and potential customers. When having your dental website designed, make sure your designer includes the following 5 features for optimal marketing power:


One of the most important features that should be found on your website is thorough identification. A logo and a slogan are necessary so that clients can identify your business. You'll also want to include a photo of yourself and other doctors if you partner with any, so clients gain a more personal perspective of your business. In addition, providing an itemized list of your specialized dental services can help to set you apart from your competition.

Helpful Content

In order to draw clients in and keep them interested, it's important to provide relevant and helpful content on your website that establishes you as an authority figure in the dental world. Some types of content to consider developing for your website include:

  • Tips for taking toddlers to the dentist for the first time.
  • Information about different options for parents with teens who need braces.
  • Diet and lifestyles tips that enhance the health of teeth and gums.
  • Ideas on how to maintain whiter teeth without expensive treatments.

The point is to drive potential clients to your website with content that they can use in their every day lives so they are more likely to trust your expertise and schedule their next dental appointment with you.

A Call to Action

Along with helpful content, you'll find that including a call to action on the pages of your website helps to increase your conversation rate in terms of scheduling appointments among those who are already patients and those who are looking for a new dentist. A call to action can even encourage those who already have a dentist to contact you to learn more about what you have to offer. Something as simple as "Contact us to learn more about our services" or "Do you want more information about this topic? Contact us and we'll be happy to help!" are enough to drive new interest to your business.   

Video Presentations

An effective way to gain attention for your dental practice and to encourage interaction among patients and potential customers is to create video presentations to publish on your website. Videos that introduce you and your staff, those that offer virtual tours around your dental offices, and how-to videos providing insight into proper dental care for all ages are great options that will help people understand your work ethics and the quality of service that you have to offer.

And your videos can be uploaded to popular video sharing sites online to drive more traffic to your website. All you need to get started is a quality HD camera that takes videos, and someone who is willing to stand behind the camera when you need to be in front of it.

An Easy Navigation System

If your website visitors can't figure out how to get to the content they're looking for on your website, they will simply leave and find a website that is easier to navigate. When your dental website is designed, make sure that there is a clear sitemap accessible from the front page so people can easily get where they want to go. The home page of your website should also link to all informational and service pages in an easy-to-read manner.

With these features in place, those who find your website will be more likely to stick around and take a closer look at the services you have to offer. Click here to learn more about website design for your dental practice.