3 Approaches To Saving Money On Your AC Bill

29 April 2016
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Whether you're looking to save money on your energy bill or whether you're concerned about the impact your HVAC system is having on the environment, the following approaches will help you save money on your AC bill.

1. Keeping your system in optimal condition to facilitate efficiency

The reasoning behind this idea is that the better you maintain the unit, the fewer obstructions and difficulties and malfunctions will occur to slow down its efficiency. Most homeowners know that you should perform maintenance tasks such as changing the filter regularly, but changing your AC filter on time is only the starting place for this approach. Other techniques used include:

  • Using higher-quality filters to keep ducts cleaner
  • Scheduling annual maintenance checkups each Spring
  • Having ducts professionally cleaned every year or two
  • Keeping weeds and bushes trimmed away from the unit to allow airflow
  • Cleaning the unit periodically so dirt and debris don't obstruct functions

2. Making less work for your AC unit

Preventing heat from getting into your home and using natural cooling techniques can both help reduce your AC unit's workload, meaning it will run less often and rack up less energy usage. Some of the methods used include:

  • Installing additional insulation to keep heat from getting in
  • Using fans in the attic to blow roof heat out before your AC has to deal with it
  • Shading the roof so it can't collect as much heat
  • Using light-colored paint or a "cool roof coating" to help the roof absorb less heat
  • Opening windows at night if it's cooler outside than in the house
  • Shading windows with awnings or shutters
  • Using bushes or trellised vines to shade the sides of the house

You can also make less work for your unit by turning the thermostat up several degrees when you leave for work in the mornings and turning it back down to a normal temperature when you get home. Or you can have a programmable thermostat do this for you or even stay comfortable in a house that's a few degrees warmer than usual by running your ceiling fans.

3. Using the most efficient technology to cool your house

Most people don't run out and buy a new AC unit just to take advantage of the newest efficient technology. However, when you do replace your unit, looking into the more efficient replacements is a good way to save money on energy bills in the future. You can use the SEER rating to help you analyze how efficient each unit is and how much money you'll be able to save in energy bills over its probably working lifetime. Keep in mind, though, that the highest-rated units cost a premium, so calculating the return on investment before you buy is a necessity.

These three approaches are often used and recommended to help you save money on your AC electricity bills during the summer. You can try a mixture of the three approaches for a complete and individualized solution. Visit an HVAC company like Glendale Heating & Air Conditioning for more information.