Three Important Aspects You Need For A Paid Bathroom

13 September 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog

Most people will pay a little more for improved facilities. If you are interested in opening a facility that will help out the public, but is in a somewhat unusual industry, a paid toilet is one idea that will work. A paid toilet can be one-time use, usage for a 24 hour period, or even sell passes that allow consumers to utilize the facility for a full week or month. No matter how you wish to operate the payment schedule, there are some important things that you will need inside of your pay toilet. Here are three upgraded amenities that you will need inside of your paid toilet venture. 

Private, comfortable stalls

Most consumers will not pay to use a toilet that is just like other free toilets in the area. The reason why many people will pay for a bathroom stall is because it offers them more privacy than the usual bathroom stall. Be sure to set up stalls so that after users enter the bathroom area, they can go into a stall that will offer the complete privacy from other units, plus a more comfortable and plush place to be. Single toilet bathroom stalls with a tiny shower and a small couch or bench will make your customers happy and help them clean up in any way necessary. 

Upgraded led mirrors and toiletries

Stopping by a pay toilet does not just have to be used only for the toilet. Being able to stop by at a pay toilet and use upgraded mirrors and toiletry during some nights out will make the ability to use a pay toilet in the city well worth it. Be sure to use LED mirrors that are full length and have good lighting for applying makeup or otherwise primping. Small toiletries, including single soaps, hand sanitizers, wipes, and hair supplies will entice further customers who tend to work and visit clubs or bars in the area. 

Full-time attendants

All good pay toilets need full-time attendants. The attendants should make sure that the facility is spotless and has a good aura at all times. They will also need to pass out towels, restock any items in each of the restrooms, and offer help or information to those who may need it. The restroom attendants should also be able to take payment from those who are interested in using the restroom once or sell passes to those who may be interested in a membership. Full-time attendants make the step from a gym restroom to upscale bathroom worth of a membership.