Three Ways To Get More Out Of Your Needle Felting Machine

5 March 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog

Whether you're just looking to design some unique items for your family or you aspire to one day transform your hobby into a business, getting the most out of your needle felting machine is going to be a common goal. While it's not exactly rocket science, it does take some trial and error when using these machines. Here are just a handful of tips to help you get the most out of your projects.

Choose Materials Wisely

Always use caution when selecting materials for your project. This is an especially critical step when you are just learning to navigate the machine. Ideally, a beginner should be looking for a fleece that is made from a wool-blend. The reason for this selection is that your needle will be able to more easily pass through the material, which isn't the case with thicker fleece.

If you're still learning to use the machine, this difficulty will only make the process more challenging. Start off with wool-blends and as you get more familiar with the machine you can start to incorporate different material options.

Move The Needles First

One thing you don't want to run into is a broken needle. Dealing with broken needles won't just stop you in middle of your project, but if you're constantly breaking needles, this can result in a lot of extra costs to operate the machine. One of the best ways to avoid this concern is to always move your needles first.

For instance, if you're working on a complicated pattern, lift the needles into the upright position, then adjust the material to match the direction of the pattern. If you simply try to move the material with the needles still embedded in the material, they could easily snap off and break.

Find The Needle Variety You Like

Many needle felting machines come equipped with a set number of needle heads, such as 10. Make sure you understand that you don't necessarily have to use the machine with this number of needles. While some people will find this to be the ideal set-up, for someone else, only working with 5 needles might be more ideal.

When first using the machine, go ahead and use the full amount, but as you continue to use the machine, start removing some of the needles to see what number works best for you.

Remember, it will take patience to master using your machine. Be patient, follow these tips and you will be well on your way. Talk to a machine dealer, like Felt Loom, for more help.