Using A Bulk Chemical Storage And Delivery Unit For Your Business

9 April 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog

Many businesses may rely on bulk chemicals in order to fulfill their obligations. Unfortunately, these chemicals can be extremely hazardous if they are mishandled. While there are bulk storage and delivery units that can accommodate these substances, business will often misuse or otherwise fail to maximize the performance of these devices.

Inspect The Seals On The Door Of The Chemical Unit

It is common for these systems to use seals on the doors to prevent spills and fumes from being able to leak out. Unfortunately, these seals will degrade, which can lead to them failing to work effectively. Periodically inspecting the seals is important for ensuring that they are still in good condition. In particular, you should look for signs of cracking or the seals detaching from the door. These issues can be particularly prevalent with storage units that must be used frequently throughout the day as they can sustain substantial wear over a short period. Keeping spare door seals available will allow you to quickly swap these components out so that your bulk chemical storage unit will be as safe and effective as possible.

Service The Climate Control System For The Storage And Delivery Unit

Some chemicals will start to degrade if they are not stored in the correct conditions. In particular, temperature extremes and humidity fluctuations can be devastating to these substances. Many bulk chemical delivery units will contain climate control systems that will allow the interior temperature and humidity levels to be set. These units are more maintenance-intensive as the climate control systems will have to be regularly serviced in order to prevent routine wear from leading to a failure of these systems. At least once every few months, these systems should be inspected and serviced.

Train All Workers On How To Handle A Spill

Unfortunately, chemical spills and other accidents can always be a risk when businesses must utilize these substances. If one of these accidents occurs at your enterprise, it is important for employees to be able to respond in a quick and safe manner. Comprehensive safety training should be undertaken for any employees that will need to use the bulk chemical storage unit. This training should involve first aid for exposure to these chemicals, cleaning steps, and other emergency protocols. For example, some spills will lead to the other chemicals in the storage unit needing to be removed as the spill may be corrosive enough to eat through containers or otherwise lead to contamination.