Tips Of Additional Accessories To Make Your Camping Trips More Enjoyable

10 May 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog

When you own an RV or a camping trailer, you have a great vehicle to travel the country and spend the night in places you have never imagined staying in, especially without a tent. But when you are the owner of a camping trailer, there are some additional tools and equipment that you can purchase to help you with your ownership and maintenance of your trailer. Here are some tips about what you need to make your camping trailer experience and the use you get out of it a better one.

Hitch Grip Tool

A camping trailer is a recreational vehicle you will need to pull with your pickup truck, which requires the use of a specific trailer hitch. This trailer hitch connects your trailer to your truck bed or bumper, depending on if it is a bumper pull of a fifth wheel. This trailer hitch is heavy and cumbersome, and it can often be dirty, which makes it difficult to carry. And you will need to carry the trailer hitch to and from its storage location and when you connect and disconnect it from your trailer.

A hitch grip tool is a great item to have on hand. This gripper connects to the ball of your trailer and stabilizes its weight so you can more easily carry it and connect it on your trailer. 

Solar Panels

When you travel and stay overnight with your camping trailer, you might not always have access to electricity to power the various components inside your trailer. For this purpose, you can install a solar panel kit for your camping trailer, which you can set up at camp and collect solar power. The solar power is stored up so you can run the electricity, charge your phone, and power the water pump for your camper's water use. 

Talk to a local camping trailer dealership about your solar power needs, and they can help you determine how many watts and amps of solar power you need with an adequate number of solar panels. They can have this kit installed on your camper, so whenever you stop to camp at a location that is off the grid, you can still have access to power through your camper's solar panels. 

Your solar panels can be set up outside on the ground of your camper or on the roof of your camping trailer. Then, when you are ready to pack up, you can move the solar panels safely inside your camper to be stored away.