What You Should Know About Team Truck Driving

25 June 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you are considering team truck driving, there are some important things to consider. Driving with a partner is different than driving on your own. If you are thinking about taking a driving position with a partner, you should consider the following to ensure it is the best option for you:

Trusting Your Partner

One of the most important parts of team driving is that you can fully trust your partner. When you are not in the driver's seat, your partner is behind the wheel. You need to be able to trust that he or she is not only fully capable of the job but is also responsible and serious. You are professional drivers, and you both should conduct yourselves accordingly. However, you may find yourself with a person who does not jive with your style of driving. Carefully consider this when you take on a partner.

Compromising with Your Partner

You should also find the right partner for your trucking partnership. One tip is to try to work with someone you already know. You need to have a relationship, whether it is a friendship or a professional acquaintance. The two of you should be able to agree or compromise on various topics. For example, you will need to agree on when and where to stop. If you have different food tastes, consider alternating each time. You should also consider who does what during the drive. If you have to get out and test the temperature of a load, take turns or flip a coin to decide who does this job so you do not argue about it. Above all, you need clear communication to team truck drive.

Benefits and Drawbacks of a Partner Driver

Team driving has its benefits and drawbacks. You can benefit because you share the burden of the drive and have the opportunity to get fully rested. You can also work together on the more mundane or arduous tasks that come with truck driving.  

There are some things that can make team trucking less attractive. For instance, you have to endure the risks of night driving. Solo truckers must take a certain amount of time off each night to rest. When you drive with a partner, one of you will likely be driving through the night. Night driving a truck takes special expertise and care. You have to contend with fog, colder temperatures, and even the possibility of wildlife running in front of your truck.

If this interests you, start looking into team truck driver opportunities today.