Tips For Securing Your Dumpster Rental From Pest Intrusion

26 July 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog

When you rent a roll-off dumpster for the first time, there are some things you'll need to consider to be sure that everything in the dumpster is secure. One of the biggest hazards you'll need to combat is the wildlife around your building. Not only can animals make a mess of your property if they pull things out of the dumpster but also eat something harmful to them from your company's waste. Here are some tips to help keep pests out of your dumpster.

Install Fencing

Even if you are only renting the dumpster for temporary purposes, you should still enclose it with a fence. You can work with your dumpster rental company and a local fence supplier to erect a temporary fence around the area where your dumpster is.

You can either choose a fencing material that is difficult for pests to climb or add some deterrent wire to the top of the fence to keep them from climbing over it. Then, add a gate to the enclosure with a lock on it. Make sure that the gate stays locked at all times, even during the day. Don't just use a flip-lock, because some animals, like raccoons, may be able to get those open.

Lock The Dumpster Lids

When you book your dumpster rental, make a point to ask for a unit that has a locking lid and doors. That way, even if something does gain access to the dumpster enclosure, it cannot get into the dumpster itself. Keep the lids and the sliding side door locked at all times unless you are actively throwing something into the dumpster.

Don't Leave Any Trash Sitting Out

Even during the day, leaving trash sitting out is akin to putting up an advertisement for local nuisance animals about what's in the dumpster. If animals smell it, they will try to get to it when the coast is clear, even if that means waiting until evening. This encourages them to go after the dumpster. If you can throw everything away right away and keep the dumpster closed up, they are far less likely to be tempted onto your property.

These are a few key tips to keep pests out of your dumpster rental. Your rental company can help you find a roll-off dumpster that's harder to get into, and you can work with them to ensure a proper enclosure to keep the dumpster secure at all times. The more you communicate with your dumpster rental company about your concerns, the easier it will be for them to help you solve the problems.

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