Posted Bail? Why You Should Remain In Touch With Your Bail Bondsman

4 September 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you or a friend was recently arrested and didn't have the funds to post cash for the full amount of the issued bond, you can find help through a bail bondsman. In doing so, you will be able to be released from jail, but you are obligated to follow a certain number of rules, such as maintaining an open line of communication with the bail bondsman. There are many reasons for this, all of which benefit you. Here are just a few of those reasons and how they benefit you as a defendant.

Stay Current with the Court Schedule

It is imperative that you speak with the bail bondsman on a regular basis in person or by phone to make sure that you are familiar with any upcoming court dates. Regardless of whether you hired a personal lawyer, your bail bondsman needs to be aware of your whereabouts and know that you are not trying to jump bail.

Report Your Inability to Attend Scheduled Court Dates

As part of your bail bond agreement, as well as your agreement with the court, you are required to appear in court on the scheduled court date. In the event that you miss your scheduled court date for any reason, you are assumed to be jumping bail and a warrant for your arrest is likely to be issued immediately. If you cannot appear in court on the scheduled date, you should report the reason immediately to your bail bondsman so he or she can make the necessary arrangements. In certain situations, such as a family emergency, your vehicle breaks down, or you can't find a babysitter, you won't be held liable and the court date will be rescheduled to a later date.

Avoid an Unnecessary Lawsuit

If you fail to show up for the scheduled court date or pay back any remaining balance that is owed to the bail bondsman, he or she has the right to pursue a civil lawsuit against you. If there is a cosigner, he or she can be held liable as well. It is important that any and all changes to your personal information be reported to the bail bondsman immediately so that he or she can not only maintain updated records but also keep track of you. If the time comes and you held information from the bail bondsman, it won't look good on you.

For more information, talk to a bail bonding service in your area.