Choose One Of These Washable Face Mask Designs For Your Child

20 August 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you've likely tried to keep your child safe at home as much as possible. By running errands on your own, you can limit the amount of contact that your son or daughter has with the world, which can be instrumental in keeping him or her healthy. As various parts of society begin to reopen, however, your child may be out and about more — which means that he or she should be wearing a mask. While you can certainly equip your child with a mask that has a plain design, it's more fun to look for a washable mask that has a fun appearance. Ideally, you can buy a few of these masks so that your child always has a fresh one to wear while another mask is in the laundry. Here are some designs to consider.

Emoji Mask

When you shop for washable face masks that are suitable for children, one design that you might come across is a mask that features emojis. You'll find some masks that display one giant emoji, while others have a series of these small faces across the surface of the material. Lots of children find emojis fun; you'll often notice these faces on children's clothing, for example. If your child has a favorite emoji, try to find a mask that features it.

Princess Mask

If you have a child who loves princesses, he or she might have toys, garments, and other accessories that all relate to this theme. For this child, a princess mask is a perfect choice. One design that you'll encounter is fabric that depicts a number of different princess-related images. For example, there might be a princess, a unicorn, a magic wand, a rainbow, and all sorts of other designs that add a fun, fantasy feel to the mask.

Tie-Dye Mask

A lot of children enjoy the vivid colors of tie-dye apparel. If your son or daughter has a tie-dye shirt, for example, he or she might be interested in a washable face mask with a similar design. Some tie-dye face masks have a wide range of colors, while others are more sedate — for example, a mask might have several different shades of blue rather than a rainbow appearance. Either way, this is a mask design that your child will likely find fun and be excited to wear. Shop for children's washable face masks from retailers that have a wide selection of this protective equipment.

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