Buying A Home: How To Get The Most Out Of A Home Inspection

15 March 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog

A professional home inspection can be an invaluable tool once you find a home that you want to buy. This type of visual inspection will allow you to find out exactly what condition the home is in and identify any part of the home's structure or essential systems that either need repair or are showing serious signs of wear and tear. To truly get the most out of these inspection services, be sure to consider the tips outlined below. 

Always Attend Your Home Inspection

Home inspectors will not require that you are present in order to inspect the home. However, you do have the option of attending, and choosing to exercise this option can prove extremely beneficial. This is because, in addition to the written report that your inspector will supply you, choosing to attend the actual inspector will allow you to speak with the inspector directly about any issues that they find. Being able to ask questions on the spot will allow for the clearest explanation of potential issues and give you access to the most information possible. If you are not able to attend the inspection yourself due to scheduling conflicts or distance, you may wish to designate a loved one to attend the inspection in your place so that they can relay any additional information to you at a later time. 

Use Inspection Results To Negotiate

There is no such thing as a perfect home. Even homes that are in great condition will have some minor findings as part of the home inspection process. Do not get discouraged from buying a home simply because your inspection report shows the need for some repairs. Instead, you can choose to use this information to strengthen your negotiating position. For example, you can ask the seller to either agree to repair some of the issues that were identified by the report or to accept a lower offer on the home so that you can use the money you save to make the repairs yourself. 

Don't Ignore Serious Problems

While you should not allow minor repair issues to discourage you from buying your dream home, it is also important that you do not simply ignore serious problems exposed by the home inspection. Remember, the main benefit of this inspection is to help ensure you are making a sound investment when purchasing the property. In the event that the inspection does uncover major structural or systemic issues with the home, reconsidering your decision to purchase that particular home may end up being the most cost-effective option you have available.