3 Compelling Reasons To Invest In Duty Belt Suspenders

9 August 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog

Professionals working in law enforcement and safety services must carry many tools with them on a daily basis. These tools include items like a flashlight, a knife, a firearm, a walkie talkie, and handcuffs. Duty belts were designed to store each of these items in an easy-to-access way around an officer's waist.

Unfortunately, duty belts can create some problems for security professionals over time. The addition of suspenders to your duty belt could provide you with access to a number of useful benefits.

1. Protect Your Lower Back

Lower back pain is a common complaint among people who wear duty belts regularly. When the full weight of a loaded duty belt is carried around the hips, fatigue can start to set in over time. This fatigue usually manifests as lower back pain.

Duty belt suspenders help to evenly distribute the weight of a loaded duty belt over both the upper and lower body. By spreading the weight of your duty belt more evenly, you can avoid a lot of the aches and pains caused by toting around a duty belt every day.

2. Maximize Comfort

The weight of your tools can cause your duty belt to start sagging throughout the day. In order to combat this sagging, many safety professionals simply tighten their duty belts as much as possible.

A belt that is too tight can cause a significant amount of discomfort. You will experience pain and chafing when your belt is too tight. A tight belt could also make it harder to breathe when engaged in physical activities.

Duty belt suspenders prevent the need for belts to be tightened to an uncomfortable level. You will be able to keep your duty belt loose without worrying about the belt falling down when you pair your duty belt with the right suspenders.

3. Maximize Accessibility

Safety professionals may choose to leave a few tools out of their duty belts in order to help reduce the weight of these belts. Failing to keep all tools within reach at all times could put the lives of safety professionals at risk.

Duty belt suspenders make it more comfortable to carry the weight of a loaded duty belt. The suspenders will maximize accessibility by preventing the need to leave some of your safety tools at home. This allows you to provide maximum protection to those you are responsible for serving.

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