How to Make Sure Your Friend Doesn’t Skip Bail

31 August 2022
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If you've paid a bail bond for a friend who needs to show up to a certain court date, you need to ensure your friend doesn't skip bail. You may think they're very trustworthy and will show up because they said they would, but when faced with the court date, they could still get cold feet and take off for who knows where. And then you're on the hook for the bail money and could lose any collateral you put up. If you're going to pay for someone's bail, you have to do your best to make them show up for their court date, and it can take more than one strategy to accomplish.

Make Sure They Know the Exact Penalties They and You Will Face

A lot of people who skip bail think they can just hide out forever and not face consequences. You need to let the person whose bail you paid know exactly what consequences they would face if they skipped bail. These will vary by state, but in general, they'll include arrest, jail time, and potentially harsher sentencing if convicted. Also, let them know what would happen to you and what you would lose if they didn't show up. You can also contrast the bad news with good news, such as telling them how much showing up on time for their court date could help both them and you.

Give Them Reasons to Stick Around

As the court date approaches, you don't want them getting despondent and moping about (or at least not excessively; it's understandable if they're in a depressed mood over the whole court situation). But, get them involved in activities and important work projects, surround them with understanding family with whom they have a good relationship (if possible), and get your friend group together to support them emotionally. They need to know that showing up for the court date is going to get better results for them than skipping bail.

Arrange for Them to Stay With You or Another Friend Before the Court Date

If you're really not sure if they'll show up, you and friends and family can keep an eye on them to the point of having them stay with you in the days before the court date. Frame it as support and not monitoring. Drive them to the courthouse, or if you don't have a car, pay for a rideshare and go with them. They have to know that you really do support their showing up.

If the worst happens and they skip, contact the bail bond agent immediately.

To learn more, talk to a bail bondsman service in your area today.